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CASA PER FERIE MIRAMARE Hotel albergo Santa Marinella
della Misericordia di Santa Marinella
                (+39) 0766.537497
(+39) 331.1337756
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Hotel Casa per Ferie Miramare - Santa Marinella - Il porticciolo dal castello
Hotel Casa per Ferie Miramare - Santa Marinella - La facciata della casa Miramare
Hotel Casa per Ferie Miramare - Santa Marinella - La scogliera
Hotel Casa per Ferie Miramare - Santa Marinella - La spiaggia
Hotel Casa per Ferie Miramare - Santa Marinella - Le ville sul mare

Our policy

Check-in and check-out

Check-in is 12:00/12:30 pm and check-out is 10:30 am. If you plan to check in later, please inform the hotels' front desk as a courtesy and to assure that we are ready for your arrival. We request a valid identity document. Late check out is also possible, but only if the hotel has availability.
Contact the front desk for any questions. You can pay cash or by credit/debit card.
Checks and foreign currency are not accepted.

Room cleaning policy

Please note that all our rooms are non-smoking.
Our Housekeeping Staff will enter to clean the room after 10:30 am. Our guests are kindly requested to leave the room by 10:30 am, if they want the room to be cleaned.
Management reserves the right to enter a room for reasonable purposes, such as an emergency, housekeeping or maintenance.
Linens and bath towels will be changed every 3 days.
Please join your fellow guests in helping to save the environment by using your towels more than once!
A towel hanging up means “I will use again”.
A towel on the floor means “Please exchange”.

According to circumstances, an extra cost might be charged for extra towels requested.

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel your reservation 24 hours prior to your arrival date with no penalty.
If you cancel on the scheduled arrival day, you will be charged 30% of the total amount.
In case of No-Show (failure to check in on the scheduled arrival date without prior notice) or early departure, you will be charged the total amount of your staying.


Casa per Ferie Miramare offers complimentary wireless Internet in all guest rooms and public spaces.
Ask for the password at the Reception.

TV Volume

Our guests are kindly requested to keep music devices and TV on low volume, especially from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm, and to 11:00 pm to 08:00 am.


Parking for registered guest(s) is free. All vehicles are parked at the risk of the owner.
Casa per Ferie Miramare shall not assume liability or responsibility for any vehicle, occupants, or contents while operated or parked on the hotel property.


We are pets friendly! Small dogs and cats are welcome.
Please let us know if you plan on bringing a cat or a dog with you in advance.